Special Events

The time of year, the tides, and your interests dictate when we offer our special events.

They include:

• Open House at Seahorse Key Lighthouse
• Island Weddings
• Sea Burials
• Island Weddings
• Shelling Trips
• Moonlight Cruises

Read below for more information.

Open House at Seahorse Key:

The Seahorse Key Lighthouse is open two times a year for you to tour. It is open for the weekend of our Annual Seafood Festival in October, and again in July. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be on site to provide a narrated tour and the University of Florida will set up exhibits and examples of their current marine specimens and unique ecology of Seahorse Key. Open house times are from 8:30am to 4:30pm. On these special dates, our boats are constantly picking up and dropping off on the island so reservations are not required.

Please call Cedar Key Island Tours at (352) 231-4435 for details and Open House dates.

Island Weddings:

Have that special day on the white sands of a beautiful nearby beach, overlooking the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We can shuttle the bride, groom and all of your guests to an island in the refuge for a most memorable wedding. We can also arrange for the “Island Marrying Lady”, Ms. Betty Cooke, to notarize it and make it official if you would like. Please call us well in advance for details and to make reservations.

Sea Burials:

Cremated remains of deceased persons are spread upon the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Distribution is made from our tour boat, departing from Cedar Key, Florida. A typical burial voyage lasts a total of forty-five minutes. Please call for details.

Shelling Trips:

Information coming soon!

Moonlight Cruises:

Information coming soon!

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